Saw "The Kids Are Alright"

8 years ago - #movies#family

...and it's a really great movie. Maybe it's just because I'm so bogged down with Oz's recovery or bogged down by the mugginess of NYC right now, but I immediately thought "I want to move to California and raise kids". I've had moments in my life where those two thoughts came and went pretty quickly - usually separately. But this was the first time in my life that the idea of having kids actually felt like a good idea. I could see it all and play it out roughly in my head and it felt...doable. It felt right. It resonated with me. I have to not focus on the first 5 years which seems like an unending terror of diapers and crying. Everything after that seems like it would be pretty amazing - rocky, of course, but still like something that challenges you, makes you grow, and allows you to see more of how life works. And to have a family, of course.

And on a side note, I remember my Mom got misty when she dropped me off at college. How did she not bawl her eyes out? Did she cry all the way back to Oregon? Because just watching the movie, I don't think I would have any emotional fortitude at that moment in my life.

And California...ah, California. I was ready to pack up and go within the first few shots of sunny California. Man, living in NYC is hard sometimes. I feel like I'm always fighting crowds or weather or strangers or just the city itself. And as I said, this probably has more to do with Oz's recovery which is weighing pretty heavily on me right now. And the painters in the house. And work. And the constant heat waves. But in all the outdoor shots I could smell California - the eucalyptus, the fresh produce...ah. Maybe someday.

Anyway, the movie is really fantastic and feels so authentic. The acting is top notch all around. I recommend it to all adults.

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