A Blessing from Martha Stewart

Last night, David and I went to the Mount Sinai Crystal Ball. It's the hospital's annual really big fundraiser. I have to admit that I don't usual look forward to going. I had been to two already, and they are usually kind of fun but largely dull. It's very dependent on who you sit next to.

This year's I was having a slightly better than usual year. I saw next to my David and David Nudo. We were having a good time and I remained entertained while David went to press the flesh. During dinner, David was sitting next to me, so we got some visits from his colleagues - one of whom is the vice president in charge of public relations. She mentioned that Martha Stewart was there and David suggested we go meet her. So before I could say anything, we got up to visit Martha's table.

I sort of imagined that we would get within viewing distance and say "Yep. That's her. Cool." I also thought that if we got introduced, she would say hello and go back to hanging out with her group. What I did not expect was a full introduction and a few minutes of discussion. When we were introduced, she smiled, stood up from the table, and started talking to us. She asked me what I did and I told her that I was an aspiring comic book writer and told her that she is the inspiration for a comic book that I'm working on. David added, "Don't worry. It's tasteful." And laughingly she replied with "It doesn't bother me if it is or if it isn't."

We chatted for a few minutes. She was extremely cordial and personable. And she looked very good for her age. Someone should get the number of her plastic surgeon.

There was a bit of star-struck in my eyes. A big part of me hopes that this is a good omen in terms of my comic book. I thought of the people that would hold out screenplays or novels for the Pope to touch in hopes of getting a blessing. So let's hope that some of that Martha Stewart magic rubs off into Betsy Stevens and the Domestic Godesses.

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Aah...Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. He needs no introduction other than to say that if you are easily offended (or under age 13) you probably shouldn't watch this.
I've been having a hard time lately with a few comic book series. I've been obsessed with Batman lately - it's one of the best comic series I've read in years. I was talking to a friend saying that I was enjoying it, but that it was hard to follow. He summarized his favorite parts of the story and it was all new territory to me. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then I went back and noticed that i was missing about 3 issues over the past year. That's a lot. I looked at another series that I like called "The Twelve" and it was a similar story: missing issues.