Crash Diet Weekends - pt. 1: Dairy Free

16 years ago - #health#diet

David is now traveling every weekend until February. Since I've been on a weight-loss kick, I've decided to take his absence to try a month of weekend crash diets. Every weekend, I'll pick a new theme. I should say that some of these are not crash diets but legitimate lifestyle choices. However, they are choices that I never thought I'd make, so I'm trying them out for a weekend since you can stick just about any diet for a weekend.

This is the first weekend and I've chosen to give up dairy. If I had a normally bad diet, I don't think giving up dairy would make a bit of difference, but I'm already on a pretty healthy and restrictive diet, so this is just the icing on the cake. It's a chance for my system to clean itself out. I tend to think that dairy slows down our digestive system and I think a good part of healthy eating is getting your body to be able to process food faster and more completely. I have also heard that people with dark circles under their eyes have a low-level dairy allergy, so I'm hoping to see a difference in my complexion.

I don't have a lot of dairy normally, but the dairy that I have is heavily ingrained in my routine, so I had to be able to substitute. For instance, I have milk in my morning protein shake and then my coffee. I'd have to change both of those things. I had tried soy milk several months ago and while I liked the taste, it was definitely not making my digestive system happy. So this time around I'm trying almond milk. I had some last night and was surprised how good the unsweetened kind is. At first it seems pretty watery, but the aftertaste has a delicious, nutty tang to it. So that's my substitute for milk.

I have recently gotten into a daily dose of yogurt. That's going to have to be replaced as well. I may try soy yogurt in the hopes that the enzymes in yogurt will balance out the issue of the digestive problems of soy. I've also stocked the refrigerator with watermelon, which is another healthy snack that I'll have in place of my usual yogurt snack.

I think the hard part will be salad dressing. I've been getting into salads a lot lately. Even a non-creamy cobb salad has blue cheese in it. I suppose that my salads will have to have oil vinegar dressing for the time being. Anyway, it's just for a weekend.

I'll be sure to do another entry next week to discuss any changes with a dairy free diet.

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My trainer has given me a new diet and it's pretty strict. Given that my diet has always been my Achilles heel, I'm actually looking forward to going on a relatively restrictive diet to see what will happen.
I've just gotten sick for the third time this winter. It's time for a change to the diet. At this point last year I was still on my high from India and was not eating any meat. And I didn't get sick once last year!