Gogo the Snorer

16 years ago - #Gogo

I never knew that dogs could snore so loudly. I'm in the kitchen watching TV. At one point, the sound got a little soft. Not silent, just soft. I heard the gentle sound of snoring. It was Gogo who was in the other room, underneath the piano, curled up asleep. I thought snoring was just for dogs with shortened snouts - like pugs or bulldogs. I'll have to go wake her up and tell he how cute she is.

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Gogo spent the morning destroying a stuffed animal in the Bollywood room. The room was completely dark. We turned on the light and saw nothing but white fluffy carnage.
I had been looking for this photo to show Mom while she was in town and I didn't have it handy. But now here it is: Gogo at Christmas. This was done a few years ago when David and I went to St John and left Gogo at a kennel. They dressed her up in a Christmas collar and somehow convinced her to smile for the camera. Though I don't approve of dressing up dogs for photos, this will go down as one of my favorite Gogo photos.
Here are some shots of how Gogo slept when she was a puppy. She used to love to curl up in our neck and doze off. It didn't last long, which is probably a good thing, because I couldn't really sleep when she did it. But it was too cute to disrupt her.