My Folding Bicycle

13 years ago - #NYC#exercise

I came from Israel with many goals. One of them was to lose my extra weight. It's gotta go. Another goal was to enjoy more of NYC. I was definitely in a day-to-day rut. So I decided that one of the things that I could do to combat both of those was to ride a bicycle around town more often. I talked to my friend Jeff about starting to trade out days at the gym with long bike rides. We could bike along the water-front, we could bike to new neighborhoods, etc.

Jeff has a folding bike and loved it. I decided to get one, too, so that I could keep it in the entryway for easy access. I fell in love with it almost instantaneously. Since it's a folding bike, I can take it on the subway with me. We could go to Brooklyn and bicycle around Prospect Park or Ocean Bay or wherever. And folds down small enough to fit underneath our coat rack.

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It took me a while to post these, but here are photos from our first photo walk. We took a stroll around Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building.
I took a new fitness class today. It was recommended to me by a friend. It's a gym that is only a block or two from my house called AeroSpace NYC ( To be honest, I've been meaning to go for months. And this week I finally put my foot down with myself and said I had to go. And even then, I chickened out twice when I got to the front doors. Looking back on it, I have no idea why I was so stressed out about attending.