No More Store Bought Dog Food

8 years ago - #Gogo#Oz#dogs

After Oz’s pancreatitis, I’ve decided that it’s not enough that I’m buying healthy, raw dog food. I thought I was making good choices for him, but it comes down to the fact that when it’s made by someone else, you don’t really know what goes into it. I want to know and be responsible for absolutely everything he eats. I read through the section of Dr. Pitcairn’s book on pancreatitis and he listed some foods that aid digestion and the pancreas. So I’m going back to making the dogs’ food from scratch. That way I can pick exactly what he needs and make sure he gets human-grade meat. (Really, I should have known better than to trust packaged food after that whole melamine pet food scare from a few years ago.)

And in addition to making their regular food, I’m going to start making their treats from scratch, too. I found a bunch of recipes online: "": I’m not really looking forward to having the whole house smell like liver and garlic, but so be it. I’ll start small on the batches until I’m sure they like they taste and then start making bulk.

Once I get into the rhythm of making food for the dogs, I’m going to tackle David and myself next. It would be great to never order out for meals again.

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