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I've been having a hard time lately with a few comic book series. I've been obsessed with Batman lately - it's one of the best comic series I've read in years. I was talking to a friend saying that I was enjoying it, but that it was hard to follow. He summarized his favorite parts of the story and it was all new territory to me. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then I went back and noticed that i was missing about 3 issues over the past year. That's a lot.

I looked at another series that I like called "The Twelve" and it was a similar story: missing issues.

So I decided it was time to organize my comic books again. There are stacks of books all over the house. When I look for a missing issue, I have to go into 4 different rooms to look through stacks.

I went to the comic store and got some boxes, bags, and boards. I figured that 100 should be enough. As I went through the stacks to organize them, I realized that I hadn't organized my comic books since the series "52" ran - which was about two years ago. They had a comic book a week for one whole year. That series alone was 52 issues. I probably had about 200 - 300 comic books to bag, board, and organize. Yuck.

So today's goal changed into "let's at least organize and stack the comic books and then figure out what to do". I made it that far and stood up to take a break. Oz either liked the warm spot that I left on the rug or felt like he needed some attention, because he grabbed my spot as soon as I got up. Here's a photo of him.


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Aah...Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. He needs no introduction other than to say that if you are easily offended (or under age 13) you probably shouldn't watch this.
Marvel comics has been doign a great job of creating marketing events over the past year or so - which is good because they haven't focused on creating great comic books. This week, on the cover of "The Amazing Spider-Man", is Barack Obama. For some reason, this is a really big deal. Apparently there's a mini-story in the book involving Spider-Man and Obama. I'm happy for the author, who I think has been one of the more under-rated comic book authors in the past few years. I'm doing him a service by not reading his comics anymore, because whenever I start reading them, they get canceled.