Photographic Lighting: Week 2

The first review of my homework for my photography lighting class went well. He gave me a specific challenge: to photograph objects instead of people. I clearly enjoy photographing people and he wanted us to start working outside of our comfort zone.

I also decided that I wanted to focus on indoor lighting where I control the light source. There was a person in our class that had done a great series of photographs of a sweet potato under various lighting sources. I wanted to recreate that look.

In trying to decide what object to use, I thought I would try for organic objects. But I have to admit that I was feeling a little uninspired just photographing plain old objects. I wanted to pick an object that was going to be fun. So I went to a comic book store and looked for action figures. I found a Magneto doll that was highly posable. Then I bought a bunch of produce. I thought it would be fun to photograph Magneto relating to produce with stark lighting.

The photos came out pretty closely to what I had envisioned. We'll see how they go over in class.

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Last year, my friend Sara asked me about my resolutions that I had for 2009. For some reason, I took it very seriously and wrote a lengthy post about my resolutions. I accomplished most of them to some degree. I'm not going to worry about the ones that I apparently wasn't as resolute on as I could have been. But we both enjoyed the process so she wrote me this year for my 2010 resolutions. And here they are...
Marvel comics has been doign a great job of creating marketing events over the past year or so - which is good because they haven't focused on creating great comic books. This week, on the cover of "The Amazing Spider-Man", is Barack Obama. For some reason, this is a really big deal. Apparently there's a mini-story in the book involving Spider-Man and Obama. I'm happy for the author, who I think has been one of the more under-rated comic book authors in the past few years. I'm doing him a service by not reading his comics anymore, because whenever I start reading them, they get canceled.