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16 years ago - #health#diet

My friend, Renee, has been talking about raw food restaurants here in New York. She turned me on to one in particular, Pure Food and Wine. There's a little blurb on their website describing raw food.

Last night, we were looking for a restaurant to take a kosher friend to and I suggested that we try this place out. They had a sample menu online and everything sounded delicious by the description of things.

Our kosher friend, Sarah, upon hearing that we were going to a raw food restaurant said "Aren't there a lot of articles about raw food restaurants making people sick?" When we pressed her for more information, it turns out she was talking about a Sex and the City episode.

So we got there and I ordered a cocktail. It was good, but definitely felt light on the alcohol part. They use sake and prosecco for their main alcohol. I don't know what it is about sake that makes it more organic/raw than other alcohol.

The menu was different than what was on the web, but still as tasty-sounding.

When the food arrived, I was blown away. You would never be able to tell in a million years that there was no dairy - the food was so rich and creamy. I really don't know how they did the things they did.

Both the appetizer and the entree were extremely good. I was thinking that I might not fill up from eating there and was fully prepared to get dessert on the way home. But halfway through my entree, my stomach said "I'm filling up! Slow down!"

David and I decided to split a sundae for dessert. It was amazing. I never never never would have known that it was vegan. In fact, I preferred it to a regular dairy sundae because I didn't feel weighed down and bloated from eating it.

Even the kosher doubter had a great meal. She confessed that she was ready to harass me about the meal. But she left with a changed attitude and a happy palate.

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