Some Bad News

12 years ago - #Gogo#NLP

I took Gogo to the vet that did her knee surgery today. He said that the second surgery was not fully successful and that her patella is still luxating. Ugh. That means he'll have to take her for another surgery and another recovery period. Ugh.

I was so extremely saddened to hear that news. On the trip to the vet I kept saying to Gogo that all the surgery is done, this is the last trip - just to make sure you're okay. Luckily, she doesn't understand English.

After they told me the news, they kept her for x-rays. I walked around the block a few times and called David and then Sis. A big part of me kept saying that I didn't have the strength to put her through this again. Having to get her up at 6am and take her to the animal hospital and leave her there for a couple of days and then trying to get her home and getting her to relax and sleep. It all seemed like a daunting task for which I had not reserved the emotional strength. I took some deep breaths and reminded myself that I shouldn't wish for life to change or for me to change - I should wish for better tools to deal with the things life throws at you. Anyway, it's not the end of the world - it's just one more surgery and hoepfully that will be the end of it.

I felt guilty about taking Gogo out to Fire Island for a week. I thought about having her surgery before we go. But no scenario made sense. I certainly didn't want to skip Fire Island and kiss $2000 goodbye. The doctor was encouraging. He said to let her go to Fire Island, run around, have a good time, and then try to have it done soon after getting back.

I also felt bad that I didn't bring her in for a check-up sooner. I kept thinking that if we had caught it sooner, we wouldn't have wasted all those weeks of recovery.

Oh well. Yuck. Poor Gogo.

That means the first week of recovery will be when Sis and Lorenz are here, so we'll have lots to distract ourselves, and lots of excuses to hang out at home with Lorenz and the pups.

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