Some changes to the site...

14 years ago - #website#technology

I've been steadily making changes to the site. This weekend I had some time to really go to town. It seems like I really didn't do all that much - I don't know where the time goes when I program. I suppose it's because I use my own site as a test ground for changes, so when I work on something, I may spend hours going down a path that I realize was not the right way to go. I chalk it all up to learning experiences.

Anyway, here's the list of recent additions:

  • Add a twitter feed. This makes it easy for me to send little snippets about my day to the site.
  • Add a search box to every page.
  • Changed the definitions for recipes so I can more easily migrate content from my old site over.
  • Added boxes on the right for "Recipes by Dish" and "Recipes by Ingredient".
  • Added a "similar posts" box.
  • Cleaned up some layout and display issues.
  • Optimized the URLs for search engines
  • Installed sitemaps and submitted them to the major search engines

Now that I wrote that all down, it does some like a lot for one weekend.

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