Wait. We Can Eat Big Macs?!

4 years ago - #health#nutrition

I've been following Jordan Syatt since I stumbled upon him in some podcasts. He's fun and upbeat and throws a lot of nutritional popular thought out the window. I have to admit, his latest video in which he shows that he ate a Big Mac every day for 30 days and lost 7 pounds is kind of blowing my mind. And no, he didn't starve himself the rest of the time. And no, he didn't work out like a fiend. The entire video is so full of a common sense approach to nutrition, that I kind of don't know what to think.

Here's the video:

I know the video is a little long, but he goes into a lot of detail. He shows you what he's generally eating every day. He still goes to a friend's wedding and eats cake and drinks alcohol. He's a big proponent of "there's no such thing as good and bad calories" - and while he has a lot of caveats to that statement, he keeps to that statement.

I've seen in his other videos and another statement that he makes frequently is that there are no mistakes when it comes to eating. That was one is still sort of hard for me adopt as I definitely feel like I've made a mistake if I have a cheeseburger and a milkshake. He says that the only real mistake is using a high-calorie meal to give up or give in to a binge.

Still...this is all very interesting food for thought (and stomach). I decided to sign up for his Inner Circle. If nothing else, he is very upbeat about nutrition and doesn't approach eating like it's a giant minefield of potentially bad choices, which is what I feel like I get from a lot of other nutritional guides.

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I've just gotten sick for the third time this winter. It's time for a change to the diet. At this point last year I was still on my high from India and was not eating any meat. And I didn't get sick once last year!
My trainer has given me a new diet and it's pretty strict. Given that my diet has always been my Achilles heel, I'm actually looking forward to going on a relatively restrictive diet to see what will happen.