When I Met Gogo

22 years ago - #Gogo

Little Gogo was born on January 9th. Her mom's name is Lucy. My mom's name is Lucy. Do you feel some cosmic force at hand? I do, too.

This photo was taken by Renee on the day I picked Gogo up.
This photo was taken by Renee on the day I picked Gogo up.

My sister drove with me out to Renee's to pick Gogo up. The ride back was fairly uneventful. When we left, Gogo started shivering for a while, but eventually calmed down. No crying. Sis is very good at comforting puppies.

We got home and David was there packing. We all played with Gogo and she seemed quite happy. Lots of frolicking.

The second day we had her, I thought I'd get her used to her crate and put her in while I went to take a shower. There was a little crying. No problem. Never let a crying dog out of a crate. The crying turned into screaming. This is difficult, but I'll be strong. The screaming turned into sounds I never heard come out of a dog before. It was the sound of a dog losing its mind. At its height, it turned into the sound of a hyena. Out of sheer panic and torture from having to hear those sounds, I let her out of her crate. Gogo wins.

The rest of that week, when I would leave for work, I would begin to hear her cry as I left. However, a couple of times I came home a few hours later and she was still crying. It happened once that a friend of ours was at the apartment packing and happened to call me at work. I could barely hear him from the sounds of Gogo in the background. I ran right over and she just seemed out of her mind with grief.

These pictures of from that first week with Gogo and the last week in our old apartment.

The one time Gogo's crying has worked to an advantage is the first night we tried to have her sleep in her crate. The crying started. The crying turned to screaming. Eventually, David said "I know I'm going to regret this for the next fourteen years, but..." and let Gogo out and put her on our bed. And she's been hogging the bed ever since.

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Gogo spent the morning destroying a stuffed animal in the Bollywood room. The room was completely dark. We turned on the light and saw nothing but white fluffy carnage.
I had been looking for this photo to show Mom while she was in town and I didn't have it handy. But now here it is: Gogo at Christmas. This was done a few years ago when David and I went to St John and left Gogo at a kennel. They dressed her up in a Christmas collar and somehow convinced her to smile for the camera. Though I don't approve of dressing up dogs for photos, this will go down as one of my favorite Gogo photos.
Here are some shots of how Gogo slept when she was a puppy. She used to love to curl up in our neck and doze off. It didn't last long, which is probably a good thing, because I couldn't really sleep when she did it. But it was too cute to disrupt her.