Yes, Virginia, There is a Spider-Man

There's a certain part of my brain that is eight years old, is happy to be eight years old, and will always be eight years old. For instance, I am eternally grateful that I was eight years old when Star Wars came out. If I had to be born at any time, I'm glad that I was alive to be a kid when those first three Star Wars movies came out.

I have had another one of those moments. For April 30th - May 6th, New York City is having Spider-Man Week in NYC. Be still my geeky heart.

My friend Sara originally told me the news. I simply replied "Every day is Spider-Man day in my head."

There are banners all over town and in the subways advertising it. Yes, it's a big corporate marketing event. But at least it's better than tried to get everyone talking about say, some new fried hamburger from McDonald's.

I've looked at the list of events and sadly I will have to steal someone's kids to participate in most of them. As an adult, I just don't think I can run through the Bronx Zoo looking for clues to Spider-Man's location. Is this why people have kids?

I'll definitely have to get a shot of the giant inflatable Spider-Man at the Sony store.

And the New York Public Library's exhibit of never-before-displayed, original Spider-Man comic books at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library sounds somewhat age appropriate.

Really, I'm just hoping to catch glimpses of people in Spider-Man costumes throughout the week.

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A friend sent me this link the other day. WARNING: you really have to have your mind in the gutter to find this funny. Luckily, that's where my head is 80% of the time and I laughed quite hardily at almost all of these. I read it a second time after working until midnight. Working late definitely helps put you in the right mood to find this funny. Top 15 Unintentionally Funny Comic Book Panels
Marvel comics has been doign a great job of creating marketing events over the past year or so - which is good because they haven't focused on creating great comic books. This week, on the cover of "The Amazing Spider-Man", is Barack Obama. For some reason, this is a really big deal. Apparently there's a mini-story in the book involving Spider-Man and Obama. I'm happy for the author, who I think has been one of the more under-rated comic book authors in the past few years. I'm doing him a service by not reading his comics anymore, because whenever I start reading them, they get canceled.