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Whenever Grandma Everett came to visit on my mom's birthday, this would be the only cake my mom would want for her birthday. The topping was originally put on a sponge cake, but we've since changed the recipe to go on an angel food cake. The results are indeed, heavenly. Definitely have enough ingredients to be able to make the crunch a couple of times. It doesn't always come out on the first try. The leftover crunch makes an excellent topping for vanilla ice cream. This cake does not keep well because the crunch seeps into the whip cream. Be sure to serve within a few hours of putting the crunch on the cream.
I've tried several recipes and this is the one to follow. You can't go wrong. And yes, it's worth the effort to make it from scratch and not use a cake mix.
I often accuse David of saying "this is the best fill-in-the-blank you've ever made". In the case of this recipe, it was the best batch of cupcakes. I might agree with him this time. They're incredibly moist and delicious. I made them for 4th of July and put 3 blueberries on top for the red, white, and blue theme. However, you can't go wrong using these for any occasion.
This versatile French sponge cake may be used in any number of ways - usually it is filled and frosted or rolled.
We made this for Sis' birthday. Overall, it was delicious, but if I made it again I would use raw coconuts to get a smoother coconut flavor.
This is one dessert that I have a hard time keeping my hands off of when I make it. I think I could finish it off by myself. It's essential that the bananas are fully or overly ripe and the strawberries are at the hieght of the season.
Perhaps the year's most popular dessert: the chocolate soufflé cake with a rich molten center. Cinnamon, espresso and vanilla give the cakes a Mexican accent.
This rich mixture of chocolate cake and two different kinds of ganache is a perfect party dessert. But beware, it's very rich, so serve in small portions.