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Here it is! The truly great chocolate chip cookie recipe. Rumored to me to originally have been the template for the cookies sold by one of those fancy New York Department stores. I can't divulge my source (mainly because I don't remember it), but here it is, pared down to workable size for you to enjoy!
This versatile French sponge cake may be used in any number of ways - usually it is filled and frosted or rolled.
Perhaps the year's most popular dessert: the chocolate soufflé cake with a rich molten center. Cinnamon, espresso and vanilla give the cakes a Mexican accent.
This rich mixture of chocolate cake and two different kinds of ganache is a perfect party dessert. But beware, it's very rich, so serve in small portions.
For some reason, I decided that I wanted to make chocolates this year to give out to friends and co-workers. I've done some small experiments over the past couple of years with molded chocolates. They turned out reasonably well. But what I really wanted to do was to use chocolate transfer sheets to create designs on the tops of the chocolates. Transfer sheets are essentially colored chocolate printed onto acetate in a particular design. When you put melted chocolate on the transfer sheet, it transfers from the sheet to the chocolate.