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This video needs no introduction. Make sure you have the sound at a moderate level.
I saw this blurb about the latest Miss Universe pageant: Miss Venezuela was crowned Miss Universe 2008 on Monday in a contest marked by the spectacle of Miss USA falling down during the evening gown competition for the second year in a row.
Nothing exceeds at wasting time like the internet. And I'm glad of it. I recently found these pages that tell you your personality by combining your astrological sign with Star Wars characters.
I happened to be served up the following video, which is by definition "cute", and I highly recommend it. However, what it led me to was the Dramatic Prairie Dog phenomenon. It's a simple shot of a prairie dog from a Japanese kid's show, but someone added a dramatic flourish of music. Here's the original video:
The Simpsons have not been as consistently funny as their early years in a long time. But clips like this one prove that they when they're good, there's no beating them.
Aah...Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. He needs no introduction other than to say that if you are easily offended (or under age 13) you probably shouldn't watch this.
Okay...just to even out my feelings about gay culture from my last post: here are some clips from a very funny drag queen movie: Girls Will Be Girls.