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My friend, Renee, has been talking about raw food restaurants here in New York. She turned me on to one in particular, Pure Food and Wine. There's a little blurb on their website describing raw food.
When I was in Beijing, I had almost no dairy. There was some milk available for coffee at the hotel, but after that there was nothing. Nothing with cheese on any menu I ever found. No cream sauces. I doubt they used butter to cook with. I think that's why real Chinese food has the wrap that you are hungry a half hour after you eat - because there isn't that dairy to give you an inflated sense of feeling weighed down.
David is now traveling every weekend until February. Since I've been on a weight-loss kick, I've decided to take his absence to try a month of weekend crash diets. Every weekend, I'll pick a new theme. I should say that some of these are not crash diets but legitimate lifestyle choices. However, they are choices that I never thought I'd make, so I'm trying them out for a weekend since you can stick just about any diet for a weekend.
I've just gotten sick for the third time this winter. It's time for a change to the diet. At this point last year I was still on my high from India and was not eating any meat. And I didn't get sick once last year!
Over the past year or so, I've been making a fair number of changes to my diet: eating healthier, trying to eat a greater variety of foods, not baking extravagant desserts, and eating less red meat and more fish. Although I felt better, I didn't lose any weight.
My trainer has given me a new diet and it's pretty strict. Given that my diet has always been my Achilles heel, I'm actually looking forward to going on a relatively restrictive diet to see what will happen.
I just looked at my blog page. My last entry was November 19th? Yikes!
Last year, my friend Sara asked me about my resolutions that I had for 2009. For some reason, I took it very seriously and wrote a lengthy post about my resolutions. I accomplished most of them to some degree. I'm not going to worry about the ones that I apparently wasn't as resolute on as I could have been. But we both enjoyed the process so she wrote me this year for my 2010 resolutions. And here they are...