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On Tuesday, it will have been six weeks since Gogo had her knee surgery. By the end of six weeks, the scar tissue is supposed to be in place and the majority of the healing is over. It was time to take her to the doctor to see if the latest surgery was successful.
During the summer of the first renovation, Gogo's favorite spot to hang out was in the backyard. It happened once that she figured out how to get loose from the top floor and wandered through a construction zone down three flights of stairs to hang out in the backyard. From then on, we asked the guys on the ground floor if they would mind just keeping an eye on her in the backyard.
I recently went into our bedroom looking for Gogo. She was nowhere in sight. As I looked around for her, I heard a thump and saw a paw quickly flash out from under the bed. Gogo was having a grand time doing her impression of a moray eel. I grabbed the camera and documented her performance.
I had been looking for this photo to show Mom while she was in town and I didn't have it handy. But now here it is: Gogo at Christmas. This was done a few years ago when David and I went to St John and left Gogo at a kennel. They dressed her up in a Christmas collar and somehow convinced her to smile for the camera. Though I don't approve of dressing up dogs for photos, this will go down as one of my favorite Gogo photos.
It's been about 8 weeks now since Gogo had surgery for her floating patella. About three times over the course of her recovery, someone suggested I consider getting hydrotherapy for her. We live just 5 blocks from a canine hydrotherapy place in the city (http://www.thedogrun-nyc.com/), so I took it as a sign from God that Gogo should have hydrotherapy.
So then we moved into the new house. She spent a lot of time riding in my gym bag (finally a good use for it) on trips to and from the new house.
Gogo spent the morning destroying a stuffed animal in the Bollywood room. The room was completely dark. We turned on the light and saw nothing but white fluffy carnage.
Little Gogo was born on January 9th. Her mom's name is Lucy. My mom's name is Lucy. Do you feel some cosmic force at hand? I do, too.
We're on the fourth day after Gogo's surgery and doing well. When I picked her up, she was hobbling on three legs quite well. When we came into the waiting area of the animal hospital, she was wearing a cone, had her complete lower right side shaved, and was hobbling on three legs desperate to get out of the hospital. She got a universal "awwww..." from the waiting area.
There's just no denying that Gogo knows how to show favoritism. Although I'm usually the one that gets attention, Gogo definitely knows how to snuggle up to David and say "I'm a Daddy's Girl!"