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My new trainer, likes to push limits. More and more I've been able to push past. I started mentally documenting the keys. Here's what I have so far.
Fitness has been going well, but my weight loss has not been as intense as I was expecting based on the amount that I was working out. While my diet was generally very good, I felt like I still had the parking brake on. I knew what it was: sugar.
My friend, Renee, has been talking about raw food restaurants here in New York. She turned me on to one in particular, Pure Food and Wine. There's a little blurb on their website describing raw food.
This summer, I've been slowly cleaning up my diet. It started a few months ago when my friend, Sara, and I started eating at Pure Food and Wine about once a week (we plan on eating there once a week, but it probably averages out to every other week). For those of you who don't know, Pure makes solely raw, vegan food. No meat, no dairy, no wheat, no soy, no rice, no cooking anything above a particular temperature. I always love it when I tell people about it and they respond with "What's left?". Uh...fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.
Well, it's time to get in shape. I've been kind of half-assed about it for several months, but the weather is good and there's no reason I shouldn't be outside being active.
My trainer made me start a list of 80 things I like about myself. It was a big adventure that I highly recommend.
I've been following Jordan Syatt since I stumbled upon him in some podcasts. He's fun and upbeat and throws a lot of nutritional popular thought out the window. I have to admit, his latest video in which he shows that he ate a Big Mac every day and lost 7 pounds is kind of blowing my mind.
David is now traveling every weekend until February. Since I've been on a weight-loss kick, I've decided to take his absence to try a month of weekend crash diets. Every weekend, I'll pick a new theme. I should say that some of these are not crash diets but legitimate lifestyle choices. However, they are choices that I never thought I'd make, so I'm trying them out for a weekend since you can stick just about any diet for a weekend.
A friend of mine has a big event coming up in April and wants to look his best. We often see each other at the gym in the morning, so we decided to work out together to keep us motivated. It's worked out great. However, I'm sore all the time these days. I think I just went a whole week of going to the gym every day. I've had different muscle groups sore every day of the week. I usually go light on a few muscle groups - like back or legs. Having someone else there makes sure that I hit everything equally hard.
There's a gym in my neighborhood called Barry's Bootcamp. They offer one-hour high-intensity workouts throughout the day. I had known about it for quite some time but didn't really know much about it. Well, I've done ten workouts and it is the hardest thing I've done in my life.