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Ah... fondue. It has the reputation of being hopelessly 70's. David recently received a fondue set for his birthday. How we had gone all this time without a fondue set is beyond me. I've made fondue twice with it now, and the second round was so good, that I had to tell myself to not get into a fondue frenzy - it was going to start doing damage to my waistline.
The old family puh-sgetti and meatballs recipe. What kind of Italian would I be if I didn't have this on my site?
A friend got me the cookbook "Modernist Cuisine at Home" for the holidays. At first, I was less than thrilled to receive yet another cookbook, but after I opened it up, I couldn't put it down.
I just endured my first vegetarian Passover, and was hard-pressed to find delicious foods that satisfied the Passover requirements. Although they are usually reserved for Hanukah, potato pancakes are scrumptious and unleavened. They made for a satisfying and indulgent Passover dinner.
This is my starter recipe for making cranberry chutney at home. It can be dressed up or re-worked as needed.