4 Nights in Fire Island

The past two years, I've rented a place on Fire Island for a week - specifically, in Cherry Grove. Previously, I had taken the pups out, got a 2 bedroom unit, and attempted to get work or writing done.

This year, I decided to bag the trip to Cherry Grove for a few reasons: finances were tight, we had a lot of travel this year, the dogs kind of drive me crazy out there, I never got any writing done, etc. On 4th of July weekend, it all of a sudden hit me that I'm supposed to be walking on the beach with the sand between my toes and the surf running over my ankles. I went on craigslist and found a studio apartment on the bay for only during the week for a reasonable rate. No pets allowed - so sorry puppies, you have to stay with David.

I scheduled it to coincide with a trip that Kevin and Jeff were making to Bellport (a 15 minute drive from the Cherry Grove ferries). They were staying for a few days at the house of Kevin's doctor who had graciously offered them his house for some needed R&R. I spent the first day and night with them, then we all went to Cherry Grove together the next day where I stayed for the rest of the week.

Looking back on it, I can't really tell you what I did. Without any puppies or a phone that could get reception I slept. A lot. Pretty much every activity was followed with a half hour nap.

And actually got some writing done! A few times every day, I sat down to the computer and plotted out a script.

In the evenings, I usually went to eat at a restaurant on the ocean and then to one of the bars for a drink or two before bed.

I think I could have stayed a whole additional week. I did miss David quite a bit, and the puppies, of course.

FYI - These photos are the first ones to be taken with my new iPhone. Not bad for a camera phone, I think.

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Gogo, Oz, and I are in day 4 of our week out on the island. David and Rodrigo joined us on the first night and day, then our friends Kevin and Jeff came for the next two days. I really appreciated the company, because it took me a while to adjust to island life. Also, I like their company.
David and I are getting a beach house on Fire Island! For some reason, I didn't want to jinx it, so I've been doing a terrible job of not talking about the impending purchase to anyone. We just got an email from the bank that we are all set to close on Friday, so I think it's safe to make this 100% public!