Sad to Return

15 years ago - #Prague

So we got to the hotel and packed. Nothing too eventful. The flight home was a little trying. The flight to Zurich was in front of two blabber mouths that couldn't talk below a shout. And American Airlines didn't have us sitting together on the way home. We were persistent in our complaining and eventually got two seats together. The flight felt very long on the way home.

It turns out that I brought a friend home from Prague in my stomach. I couldn't go to work the next day - it felt like I swallowed glass. But after a day of rest, I was ready to go back to work. Well, as ready as I was going to get.

I left a lot of things yet to do in Prague. I found an antique map shop for David that he didn't have time to visit, so there's something calling David there, too. I will never pass up a trip to Prague.

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I had heard a lot of the ossuary at Kutna Hora. So we found an excursion to take us there. The town is an old mining town, which used to act as the mint for the Czech Republic. The town ranks high on the "quant scale"; but unfortunately, our tour guide was not so great. At our first stop, a beautiful church, she simply read from the english text that they give all tourists. She also added extra prepositions to the text and occassionally asked for help with words like "apron". Worse yet, we found out that the tour would not be stopping at the ossuary.
We took a cab to the hotel. The driver reminded me of Kornblum from "Kavalier & Clay." the hotel was nice and didn't have one of those funny "shelf" toilets that I see in Eastern Europe. We unpacked and decided to head to the "Old Town." lt took us about 20 minutes and two trips to the subway station and back before we were on our way.