The Sutter County Cemetery

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On the way out to Lovey's, Scott drove us by the Sutter County cemetery and pointed out that our birth father and grandparents are buried there. After lunch, both Sis and I wanted to drive back and see Keith Sr's grave. I had never seen it and Sis had only been when she was very young.

We thought that we could locate it by finding the cemetery's office, but that was closed with no directions. We thought we could locate it by walking around, but it became quickly clear that a cemetery, no matter how small it looks, is a big place. We wandered for a while where we thought we would see it with no luck. I was becoming increasingly discouraged - not to mention depressed by looking at all the tombstones. I couldn't help creating little stories in my head about the people buried there or wondering what had happened to them.

Then I remembered that one of the first things I did when Google first became popular was to Google my own name. The first thing that came up was the Sutter County cemetery records for Keith Sr's grave. I used my phone to search for that page again and found the location of his grave. It turns out that we were no where near it. We got back in the car and found it.

I was not in the right state of mind when we found it - staring at everyone else's graves had put me in quite a funk. Still, I'm glad that we did it. I don't know why I'm glad and I don't know what it was I was hoping to get by finding it. Truth be told, it put me in a funk for the rest of the trip - one that has slightly lingered to this day.

I never knew that he made it to be a doctor.

Here's a link to the picture if you're curious.

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For most of the rest of the week, we stayed at Aunt Beth's & Uncle Charlie's. Uncle Charlie has spent most of his life working at John Deere. Hence, there is a LOT of John Deere paraphernalia around the house. Charlie took Lorenz on a ride on a "gator". For you city folk, it's a four-wheeled utility vehicle made by (whom else) John Deere. Here's more information: Lorenz went NUTS getting to ride in this. Just about the only two words that he said crystal clear the whole weekend were "marshmallow" and "gator".
We drove almost directly from the Sacramento airport to Buck's Lake. It's about 45 minutes from Sacramento to Yuba City and then another 2 hours to Buck's Lake.