Trip to Oregon: Dinner at Home

14 years ago - #Oregon#family

The next day, we decided to take it easy, make a nice dinner at home, and invite friends over. We started with a look at the grill. I knew we could do much better, so Mom and I went to Home Depot and we got ourselves a new charcoal grill. And of course, there's no sense in throw the same old briquettes on a charcoal grill, so we got a starter chimney and some real wood charcoal. Man, what a difference it all makes in the flavor.

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One of my goals during my unemployment was to get back to Oregon for a visit. And if I was going to get everything I could out of Oregon, that meant a trip to the coast.
In 2013, my nephew Lorenz gave me a homemade book of some of the travels that we had been on together.