a year ago
I made some "bold" clothing choices for the gym this morning and now I'm a little chicken about stepping out of the locker room.

Some comments from Facebook...

Me at home: *fingersnap* I look dope as helllll Me at work: oh God who let me out of the house like this
Brenda Gregoline
Dennis Micah Fowler
I will need photo documentation. DO IT.
Jamie Glowacki
Show them legs!
Chris Copper
Photo please
Mike Fisher
Pics or it didn't happen...
Noah Fecks
It was somewhere in the middle of these two images.
Keith Marran
Meh. You're a babe so own it. Is it a tennis ball yellow onesie?
AK Hanrahan
Selfie required
Renee Kent
Where is the pic???
Matthew Shields
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