6 years ago
Yesterday, I put on scrubs for the first time and got a tour of the EHCC hospital in Jaipur. Every room we went in, our host introduced us to the doctors. They pointed to David and said "This is Dr David Reich, anesthetist and president of Mt Sinai Hospital. He is visiting from New York." Then they would gesture to me and say "And this is Keith."

Some comments from Facebook...

KEITH. LADY OF DRAGONS. LORD OF LIFTING. FIRST AMONG NERDS. (add that, under your breath; see how it flies)
Graham Nolan
Arm candy. 😆
Brian Erickson
AK Hanrahan
Ha! At least you have some identity. I have recently addressed as Mrs P Geldard....😡....grrrrrrr
Rosemary Feneziani
Emily Lasker Reich
At least they got your first name. I'm "Dr. Kaufman's husband"....
Eric Kaufman
And then you curtsy?
Raffy Dakessian
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