7 years ago
About four times on this trip, locals have come up to me and asked me to pose with them for a photo. Our guide says that they print up the photo and have it in their house so that they tell their friends that they have connections in the US. So I will show up in homes in India.

Some comments from Facebook...

And they might show up at your home in the US
Jessica Reiter
I'm doing this with people in fire island
Joey Stern
You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried, hysterical
Ronnie Buchman-Schonzeit
And to think I knew you when...
Angela Murray Mahoney
That Internationally Famous man...
Linda Rosenson Coe
Who wouldn't want a picture of You ;)
Michael Reynolds
Uncle Keith from America.
Abby Factor
This was also my experience in Bejing years ago.
Jamie Glowacki
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